Questions and Answers

How do you pronounce your name?

AIME&MIA is pronounced french [e][me][e][mi:a]

Where are you located?

AIME&MIA has changed base from New York to Paris.

Who designs your products?

All graphics and products are exclusively designed by Mia Rockel, who works as Creative Director and Designer in various fields and disciplines.

Where are your products manufactured?

Scarves by AIME&MIA are products made in USA with most manufacturing stages happening in or close to New York City to ensure sustainability, high quality and originality throughout the whole process.

What materials do you use?

Scarves indicated ‘Type I’ are made of 100% pure Silk Crepe de Chine – a fine weave with a particularly low-lustre sheen and a hint of transparency whereas ‘Type II’ scarves are made of a washable Cotton Silk Composition (45% Silk Sateen) with high opacity and a soft sheen.

What specifies the two scarf types?

‘Type I’ is a classic weight 40 inch square scarf model made of 100% pure silk, finished with a fine machine-rolled hem. ‘Type II’ is a double layered 37 inch square scarf model made of two layers of washable cotton-silk with both layers being printed individually. ‘Type I’ as well as ‘Type II’ models come packed in a 7/7/2 inch signature case box in light grey with rose-gold finishing.

What does ‘out of stock’ mean?

Products are issued in very small editions and are primarily sold through the online store within this website (or select partner websites). If an item is ‘out of stock’, please feel free to contact us about availability and to get notified if a similar design gets (re-)issued. At this moment it is not possible to pre-order an out-of-stock item but you can sign up for the in-frequent newsletter→ to get updates on editions, re-issues and general topics.

How do I clean a scarf?

For best results perc-free dry cleaning is recommended. Scarves made of cotton-silk can be washed cold by hand or hand wash program if necessary. Please consider using environmentally friendly detergents, wash items separately, reshape whilst damp and do not dry in direct sunlight. (Cotton-silk can also be tumbled dry at low temperature but should be removed from tumbler promptly)

Can I iron scarves?

Scarves should be treated with an iron carefully to not affect color or weave: Iron only dry, with a light touch (and only on reverse side of silk scarves) using settings for silk or synthetics. Use a garment steamer to soften and straighten wrinkles before wearing.