06 Nov
Two compositions

Scarves assigned ‘Type I’ are made of 100% pure Silk Crepe de Chine – a fine weave with a particularly low-lustre sheen and a hint of transparency whereas ‘Type II’ scarves are made of two layers of washable Cotton Silk Composition (45% Silk Sateen) with high opacity and a soft sheen.

27 Oct

Collection of scents without gender limitations by socially conscious luxury fragrance house Sana Jardin Paris among cult beauty’s long list of gender neutral fragrances.

02 May
Bezar Pop-Up Shop

Every day, Bezar launches an online Pop-Up Shop in 4 categories featuring 1 designer in each: Art, House, Jewelry, and Accessories. Currently AIME&MIA is being featured on this online marketplace for special, modern design. Shop at the AIME&MIA POP-UP until May 6, 2015 to take advantage of this exclusive promotion! bezar.com →

06 Sep

Be part of the launch of a first, diverse collection of unique graphic design scarves, issued in exceptionally short editions, designed and printed digitally in the US, to pair the serenity of computer generated graphics with a soft, lustrous natural fabric for garments aimed to be worn everyday and for all occasions. AIME&MIA believes in

06 Sep

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