A dream-like line illustration of a heard of vaulting horses in a light sand color on white silk with blue, yellow and red accents. In it’s entirety the composition, the energetic deformations and the subtle coloration contribute to an intricate, dynamic and in parts abstract image.
This whimsical design takes you in for a light-hearted day in the cool or when you search for a gentle shade in the summer sun.
‘Hommage’ is an original unisex scarf design by AIME&MIA made of a classic weight pure silk fabric with a particularly low-lustre sheen and a hint of transparency, finished with a fine rolled hem.



100% pure Silk Crepe de Chine
Semi-opaque, classic weight, 40″ square

Packaging: 7″/7″/2″ Set-up box
light gray, rose gold

Made in USA

Title: ‘Hommage’

Label: Signature logo print

Style: All seasons

Care: Dry clean (perc-free)
Store: Flat