A charcoal printed scarf with a detailed, highlighting particle design emphasizing the drape, flow and silky sheen of the garment – a neutrally toned piece with dynamic accents to match any style or occasion.
Wear it around your neck when sunshine is sparse or take it for warm friday nights when you love to leave the jacket but mind the cold in the cab.

‘Wake’ is an original unisex scarf design by AIME&MIA with a luxurious weight and comfort achieved through a double layer of fabric and an extra of color and depth with both sides of the scarf being printed individually.



Luxurious Cotton Silk Composition (45% Silk Sateen)
Double-sided, soft sheen, enhanced weight, 37″ square
Made in USA

Title: ‘Wake’
Label: Signature logo print
Style: All seasons moderate
Care: Hand wash cold, separately.
Use phosphate free detergent.
Consider washing before use.
Store: Flat

Packaging: 7″/7″/2″ Set-up box
light gray, rose gold