Graphic Wearables

From New York

The Collection

Scarves by AIME&MIA are high-impact, unique everyday apparel issued in extremely short editions. They are to be considered both season- and gender-blind essentials among the style-conscious’ accessories. Their design is striking and outstanding yet timeless and versatile. Made of either 100% pure silk or a cotton-silk natural fiber blend, garment by AIME&MIA is at once luxurious, comfortable and functional.

The Label

AIME&MIA was established in 2012 out of passion for intruiging visual design in the fields of digital imaging, fashion, photography and physical installations involving the human body. The specialization in the production of scarves allows to impose extremely demanding criteria on the graphic design driven concept.


Aime is the “Beloved”. He represents duality. The aim is a fusion of Women’s with Men’s fashion.
The inspiration comes from the micro- and macro-structures of both city and nature.


Mia is the Creative. She embraces singularity. Her role is the conceptual and graphic designer of the label’s sophisticated artwork made to be owned by the self-aware individual.


Graphic Designs by AIME&MIA are both created and printed using some of the latest professional digital methods and tools. Each production includes multiple disciplines for the creation of all elements required for one artwork using 3D, vector and photo editing tools as well as the integration of programmed or generative design. The mastery and distinct combination of extensive techniques are the label’s core competences and reason for the high quality of design and detail.


Not only because of a background in both traditional design crafts and digital media development, the sources of inspiration are unseizable. New York and Berlin inspire. Nature and science inspire. People and spaces inspire. Order and chaos inspire. Shapes and colors inspire. Thoughts and stories inspire. Art and void inspire.