A printed scarf that unfolds a cosmos of landscapes, grids and elements in fine, black line-drawings on paper-white silk – complex volumes described by minimal means of graphic design to complement the physical, tangible shape of a draped scarf. An exceedingly contemporary digital aesthetic scarf that distinguishes it’s wearer as a sophisticated curator of style.
‘Cosm’ is an original unisex scarf design by AIME&MIA made of a classic weight pure silk fabric with a particularly low-lustre sheen and a hint of transparency, finished with a fine rolled hem.



100% pure Silk Crepe de Chine
Semi-opaque, classic weight, 40″ square

Packaging: 7″/7″/2″ Set-up box
light gray, rose gold

Made in USA

Title: ‘Cosm’

Label: Signature logo print

Style: All seasons

Care: Dry clean (perc-free)
Store: Flat