The most vibrant colored scarf in the first collection of AIME&MIA. Simply for those who appreciate strong and bold statements and will enjoy the approachable presence this piece makes.
Wear it whenever you want to add a spark of color and ambition – when the sky is pale or the day filled with obligations.
‘Lust’ is an original unisex scarf design by AIME&MIA with a luxurious weight and comfort achieved through a double layer of fabric and an extra of color and depth with both sides of the scarf being printed individually.



Luxurious Cotton Silk Composition (45% Silk Sateen)
Double-sided, soft sheen, enhanced weight, 37″ square

Packaging: 7″/7″/2″ Set-up box
light gray, rose gold

Made in USA

Title: ‘Lust’
Label: Signature logo print
Style: All seasons moderate
Care: Hand wash cold, separately.
Use phosphate free detergent.
Consider washing before use.
Store: Flat